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Reach Out
作者: Wetz/Pye
出版社: OUP
冊數: 5(Starter-Book 4)
適用級數: CEF A1-C1
適用對象: 補習班/高中/大專院校/自修者

Reach Out is a five-level course for teenagers. It builds students’ confidence through supportive graded practice, helping them to achieve the learning outcomes in every lesson.

With Reach Out you can

  • Plan lesson more easily                                                        

            One lesson-per-page structure means teachers can pick up and teach the course.

  • Support students individually
  • Choose to do more 

        Reach Out Options provides four optional extra lessons of Curriculum Extra, Culture, Vocabulary, or Listening and Speaking practice for each unit, linked to topics and language in the main units




  • 教材特色:
    • Reach Out 系列總共五冊,每冊八單元,每單元包含七大部分:Vocabulary、Reading、Language Focus、Vocabulary and Listening、Speaking、Writing、Options。
    • 一頁一教學重點,提供彈性的課程設計。
    • 主題與青少年生活密切相關,涵蓋家庭、學校生活、課業、同儕相處、成長、電影、網路、運動,以及大量使用許多耳熟能詳的歌手和明星,例如安潔莉納裘莉、布萊德彼特、Lady Gaga、碧昂絲、暮光之城的偶像明星等。
    • 大量而豐富的練習,幫助學生不斷重複與運用所學的語言技巧。
    • 課本最後的Options部分,分成culture、curriculum extra、vocabulary、listening and speaking practice練習頁,提供主題延伸與有趣的練習。
    • 作業本附線上練習,提供更多的練習機會。
    • 教師手冊包含清楚的教學步驟以及豐富的活動學習單,讓忙碌的老師們備課更輕鬆。     



  • Student’s Book
  • Audio MP3 files
  • Workbook with Online Practice
  • Teacher's Book with photocopiable resources
  • iTools (Interactive Whiteboard Resources) including Test Bank, Video